Lease End Options

As your lease maturity date approaches, your first step is to decide what to drive next.


Whether driving off in a new Kia, buying your existing one, or simply returning it, Kia Motors Finance is here to guide you through your options.

Purchase or Lease a New Kia

It's been a great ride, and it doesn't have to end! There's no better way to end your current lease than to choose from our lineup of exciting vehicles and drive off in a new Kia the same day!


In addition, for our loyal customers you may be eligible to have the lease disposition (turn-in) fee waived when you purchase or lease a new Kia vehicle through Kia Motors Finance within 60 days after the lease maturity date. Contact your dealer to see if you are eligible.


  • Visit to start building and pricing a new vehicle.

  • Locate your nearest Kia dealer to schedule a test drive.


Purchase Your Current Kia

Not ready to let go of your current Kia? No problem. Purchasing your Kia is easy.


Vehicle Purchase Instructions


  • Step One: Login to your Kia Motors Finance account, contact your Kia dealer, or call a Lease-End Advisor at (855) 537-8542, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday to obtain a buyout quote.

  • Step Two: Mail your payoff check for the buyout amount to:
    • Regular Mail:
      Payee must be: HCA Exchange, Inc.
      KMF - Payment Processing
      Dept CH 14301
      Palatine, IL 60055-4301

      Note: We recommended using certified mail for delivery confirmation.


    • Overnight Address:
      Payee must be: HCA Exchange, Inc.
      KMF - Payment Processing
      5505 N. Cumberland Ave., Ste 307
      Chicago, IL 60656-1471


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